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Ensuring the structural integrity of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is a health and safety issue. Providing fire departments a safe and easy method to inspect the moisture barrier in their turnout gear is our way of supporting and keeping fire fighters safe. 

The patented design of the HYDRO II was certified by a national independent testing organization to meet or surpass the NFPA 1851 standards. 

The safe, user friendly design was first used by Independent Service Providers (ISPs) but has since become familiar tool in local fire departments PPE programs. 

The HYDRO II has enabled fire departments across the United States and around the world to bring the turnout gear inspection procedure in-house. Equipped with the proper tools and training departments are improving PPE maintenance schedule, reducing out of service time, identifying repair issues early, reducing cost and ensuring the structural integrity of their PPE.

Because the HYDRO II is compact and portable requiring no external connection, it can be shared between stations and departments.

Take control of your turnout gear inspection with the HYDRO II.