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Ensuring the structural integrity of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is a health and safety issue. Providing  Fire Departments a safe and easy method to inspect the integrity of the moisture barrier in their turnout gear is our way of supporting and keeping fire fighters safe. 

The patented design of the HYDRO II meets NFPA 1851 standards. It was designed for fire department use and is recommended by certified Independent Service Providers (ISP's) across the country for in-house moisture barrier inspections. 

It is a cost effective tool for annual inspections but provides even greater benefit when used for spot inspections throughout the year. Identifying issues early provides improved safety for the fire fighter and less costly repairs for the department. Because the HYDRO II is portable and requires no external connection, it can be shared between stations or departments.

Departments and stations that are currently washing gear in-house should take the next step and expand their 1851 program to include in-house inspections.

Improve safety, save time and money using the HYDRO II.