Functional Ideas is currently focused on one product, the HYDRO II (Made in the USA). We are dedicated to making it the industry leader by which our competitors are judged.

HYDRO II Features:
  • NFPA Compliant 
  • Currently used by certified ISP's, local and military fire departments
  • No assembly or adjustment required
  • No external connections or electricity required
  • Rugged, light weight all welded frame
  • Powder coated for clean tough finish
  • Operator in complete control of inspection process
  • Reliable, easy to use blood pressure bulb to generate inspection pressure
  • Pedestal style test area provides easy garment positioning
  • Large area for excess garment storage
  • Durable natural rubber seals
  • Clearly marked, easy to read pressure gauge
  • Straight line sealing system ensures even garment contact
  • Compression spring provides consistent sealing pressure
  • Can inspect thermal and moisture liners together
  • Removal reservoir for easy test fluid disposal
  • Test pressure available only when clamp is engaged
  • Maintenance free industrial bearings for trouble free operation
  • Low profile seal ring for clear view of test area
  • Movable clamp arm, (right or left) provides clear access to test area
  • Clearly marked, easy to read 3 psi monitor gauge
  • Rubber spill tray comes standard, protects work surface, contains spills and provides anti slip surface
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Height: 19.5"
Width: 10.25"
Depth:  14.5"
Rubber Tray (included):
16.875" x 13.625"
Weight:  31.6 lbs
Reservoir:  Maximum 24 oz